Frankie Magazine issue 64



HAPPY CAMPERS - Lazzari designer Alice Lunardi is inspired by retro kids' films and double popsicles.

What kind of girl are you designing for?

l'm designing for girls who love an indie world made of films, books and fashion, of course.

How does where you live influence your designs?

I live close to Verona, in the north of Italy, where seasons are strongly marked. This allows me to design very different items: from light summer dresses to warm winter coats and jumpers.

What's the most important thing to you about the design of a garment?

The most important thing is proportions. Also the last detail - a button, for example - needs the right attention.

What's your creative space like?

Our company is in a 19th century house, so my office isn't an impersonal or cold place: there are pieces of fabric everywhere, colours, pictures and - in the last two years - also some small and cute toys. They belong to my son.

Tell us a little about this Diana + Diana collection.

The story of these twins allows us to represent two different points of view on the collection. One side is tomboy-like, a little bit Pippi Longstocking: shorts and Nordic jumpers, duffle coats and cute overall. The other side is more feminine, with dresses, coats, skirts and Mary Jane shoes. These two sides of Lazzari can't be separated. They are both important to define the brand.

Tell us a bit about this lookbook and the location you used.

It looks amazing! It's our personal interpretation of The Parent Trap, a '60s Walt Disney film that l used to watch a lot when I was a kid. I was really into the camping part of the film. I really loved those small huts, the uniforms, the double-popsicle. Then I came across this incredible place that used to be a holiday resort in the 50s. It was designed by an architect called Gellner for the Eni company: its workers used to spend their free time there. lt's a magical place with so many different and interesting structures. Some of the chalets still have 60s furniture inside.

What is your fashion philosophy?

ltaly is famous for "slow food"; we try to apply this concept to fashion, too, so "slow fashion". An ethical way to produce good quality items that are strongly fashionable, too. We don't look for expensive advertising; we want to invest our money in quality material and production. Everything is made with love in ltaly.

What's your price point?

From around $55 for hats and T-shirts, up to $455 for coats.

Where can we buy your stuff?

Our clothes can be purchased in our five stores in Italy, and worldwide thanks to our e-shop at